Saber Builder™
Saber Builder™ from $189.00 $420.00
Forge a saber of your very own. Choose each part and we'll build you a handcrafted saber that meets your exact requirements. Get started today and assemble a truly unique saber.
Power Battle Saber Power Battle Saber
Power Battle Saber from $184.00 $345.00
Our most iconic design, made even better! The Power Battle Saber is the new version of Saberzone's quintessential duelling saber. Designed to meet LudoSport regulations, this saber is fantastic in duels but is also a wonderful collector's item or cosplay prop. The hilt has a range of unique elements like the tapered, arched pommel, the recessed grip and the windowed blade shroud that lets light shine through. A perfect addition to any duellist's collection - or the start of a whole new hobby for the passionate fan.
Commander Commander
Commander from $290.00
Simple and straightforward is often the best way to get ahead. In saber duels, the Commander saber is all about that ethos. It combines a simple hilt and grip with a hood-style emitter to offer a saber free of fancy ornamentation - leaving you free to focus on what matters: the duelling. The saber comes with a durable polycarbonate blade with and a host of colour choices for the hilt. The blade itself gets its colour from the light within the hilt - allowing you to cycle through a range of colours without having to buy a new blade.
Adept Master Adept Master
Adept Master from $315.00
Become adept with the ways of duelling and master your inner power. This saber offers a sleek metallic hilt with a circular emitter and hexagonal pommel for that classic saber look. Change colours at the touch of a button and duel to your heart's content with the durable polycarbonate blade which is made from the same materials as real-world riot shields.
Grand Master Duellist Grand Master Duellist
Grand Master Duellist from $365.00
Has there ever been a more sleek and stylish saber than this? Designed for those who love elegant duelling styles like Form II - the Grand Master Duellist saber has an ultra-modern saber hilt with an arched emitter and simple balanced pommel. The hilt is something that has stepped straight from the planet of the cloning specialists - engineered to absolute precision for an elegant duellist to take the battle to their opponents.
Force Guardian Force Guardian
Force Guardian from $430.00
Become a guardian of the force and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Stand up for what is right with this duelling saber, designed to offer a classic saber style with a modern twist. The emitter is inspired by some of the franchise's most famous characters - but the all-metal hilt and polycarbonate blade made of the same materials as riot shields are all real-world additions that make the Force Guardian a fantastic choice for duelling. As a cosplay item, you'll also benefit from easy colour-changes in the blade thanks to our premium electronics which allow for colour-changing at the touch of a button. Join the dark side with a red blade or the light with blue or green - the choice is all yours.
Master Samurai Master Samurai
Master Samurai from $390.00
Ever hoped that our favourite movie franchise had borrowed a bit more from the Samurai inspiration? You're in luck with the Master Samurai saber. Roam the plains as a loan Samurai in this exclusive Saberzone design. Matching all LudoSport regulations, this is the perfect choice for those who love Bushido spirit and want to emulate Sci-Fi samurai style.  The Master Samurai can be bought as a pair and coupled via the pommel with no tools or technical knowledge required so you can master two different samurai sabers at once as a double-bladed beast of a duelling saber. Fully built and operational on delivery - with a robust polycarbonate blade that can withstand all the hardship of duelling. 
Focused Strength Focused Strength
Focused Strength from $440.00
Focus your strength and become a mighty duellist. This intricate saber design features a claw shroud in the emitter section, giving the saber a look of true power when the blade is detached. Ignited, the shroud acts as a contrast against the blade's lighting and makes this entire saber look fantastic. Perfect for those who lean a little more towards the dark side, the Focused Strength saber is a great addition to any collection.
Divine Power Saber Divine Power Saber
Divine Power Saber from $400.00
Wield divine power and strike fear into your opponent's heart when you're holding this saber. Designed for duelling, the Divine Power Saber has a long slim hilt, a ringed grip and a unique tri-crowned emitter which covers the duel-ready polycarbonate blade. Available in a choice of colours, the hilt of the saber is made from robust metal. The blade itself can change colour at the push of a button - so you're never locked into having to buy new blades just for a new colour.
Swift Power Swift Power
Swift Power from $380.00
The Swift Power saber puts speed first - designed for duellists who favour a faster attack. The hilt is sleek and slimline, with a balanced pommel and an open crown style emitter that helps enhance the colour of the blade. Remember: all Saberzone sabers do not 'lock' you into a blade colour choice - you can change at the click of a button. Wield the Swift Power saber today and blitz your way to your own duelling destiny.
Beacon Beacon
Beacon from $370.00
Become a beacon of hope in your galaxy when you wield this saber. The beacon features a classic hilt style with sections of black encircling the steel finish. The blade's colour can be freely switched between - though whether you choose red, green or blue might depend entirely on what your saber colour says about you...
Benevolent Imperial Benevolent Imperial
Benevolent Imperial from $440.00
Want a duelling saber that stands out? The Benevolent Imperial will do just that - with a banded hilt and tribal-style emitter that demands attention. Contrasting white detailing against an all black hilt makes for a striking saber that will draw the eye. In a duel, where distractions can spell defeat, this saber's appeal may prove too much for your opponent. Watch, wait for their eyes to stray and then strike! The saber comes with a durable polycarbonate blade for duelling as well as full SFX, flash-on-clash and colour changing at the touch of a button.

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