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Ein Emitter, der mit seinem einzigartigen Fensterde... Read More

Ein Emitter, der mit seinem einzigartigen Fensterdesign für sich spricht, dies ist ein robuster Duellsäbel für Meister, die einen langlebigen Säbel wollen. Mit einem atemberaubenden Kreismuster ist dies ein unverzichtbarer Säbel für jeden Fan.

KAUFEN SIE ZWEI UND SIE KÖNNEN SIE ZUSAMMEN VERBINDEN, UM EINEN SÄBELSTAB (doppelendigen Säbel) herzustellen – der Knauf dient gleichzeitig als Kupplung!

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Provided as standard, at no added cost, primarily used by those newer to sabers.

✓ Exclusive Patented Technology
✓ Duel-Ready + Removable Blade
✓ Easy Single Button Control
✓ Motion Control (change settings with gestures)
✓ LED Blade Colour Change Function
✓ 3 Blade Lighting Effects
✓ 12 Unique Sound Effects
✓ 3 Volume Settings (including silent)
✓ Velocity Smooth Swing (sound matches your exact movements!)
✓ Flash-On-Clash
✓ Blaster Deflection Simulation
✓ Lock-Up Loop

Neopixel-Ultimate is a Saberzone Exclusive that provides an added level of realism unlike any other, upgrading the saber to become more lifelike. Featuring the same perks as Premium Electronics PLUS;

✓ Neopixel Blade
✓ Smooth Blade Ignition
✓ 7 Advanced Blade Lighting Effects
✓ 10 Blade Modes
✓ 34 Sound Effects
✓ Flash-On-Clash Precision
✓ Melt & Tip-Drag Effects
✓ Proffie Board Technology 2.2
✓ 16GB SD Card

For the more experienced saber users, Neopixel-Ultimate also gives you the option to FULLY customise your saber electronics by editing the following:

✓ Add Your Own Sounds
✓ Add Your Own Blade Effects
✓ Add Your Own Blade Settings
✓ Custom Motion Controls
✓ Custom Pixel Length
✓ Custom Start-Up/Shut-Down Times
✓ Clash Sensitivity
✓ Custom Volume Adjustments

What Is The Hilt Colour?

The hilt colour is simply the colour of the handle (that holds the blade), not the colour of the blade itself. All of our sabers allow you to change the colour of the blade as standard.


Prämie Neopixel-Ultimate

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