Sentinel Saber Sentinel Saber
Sentinel Saber from €140,95
Our exclusive Sentinel Saber is the ultimate duelling saber. Designed for battle with a choice of hilt styles, easy colour changing, great SFX and flash-on-clash, this is every fan's dream.
Master Saber Master Saber
Master Saber from €122,95
Looking for a durable, dependable and duel-ready saber? With a reinforced, unbreakable polycarbonate blade and a tough hilt, the Master Saber is ideal for anyone looking for a combat-ready saber that covers all bases.
Crowned Knight Crowned Knight
Crowned Knight from €348,95
Stand over your foes as king of saber combat. The Crowned Knight is a straightforward saber for knights who treasure performance. A durable metallic hilt is shrouded by the crowned emitter, complete with a durable pommel and all-over efficient style.  Saberzone Exclusive design that Meets LudoSport Regulations The Saber is fully built and operational upon delivery (no technical knowledge needed)
Commander Commander
Commander from €280,95
Simple and straightforward is often the best way to get ahead. In saber duels, the Commander saber is all about that ethos. It combines a simple hilt and grip with a hood-style emitter to offer a saber free of fancy ornamentation - leaving you free to focus on what matters: the duelling. The saber comes with a durable polycarbonate blade with and a host of colour choices for the hilt. The blade itself gets its colour from the light within the hilt - allowing you to cycle through a range of colours without having to buy a new blade.
Recluse Recluse
Recluse from €415,95
Strike from the shadows. The Recluse saber is a slick dark metallic saber designed for stealthy duellists. The hilt has a shrouded emitter with thin windows that permit light to shine out in an eye-catching way. Made with solid metal and a polycarbonate blade designed for duelling, this saber will transform you from apprentice to master and take you from the shadows into the light. 
Blaze Blaze
Blaze from €200,95
Blaze your way to glory with this excellent duelling saber. Designed with a contrast two-tone hilt, a colour-changing blade and all of the premium effects we pride ourselves on, this is the ultimate saber for duellists across the globe. The grip section in black has recessed grooves for additional stability, whilst the emitter in shiny metallic helps enhance the glow of the blade light. Grab the Blaze saber today and set your saber skills on fire!
Force Guardian Force Guardian
Force Guardian from €415,95
Become a guardian of the force and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Stand up for what is right with this duelling saber, designed to offer a classic saber style with a modern twist. The emitter is inspired by some of the franchise's most famous characters - but the all-metal hilt and polycarbonate blade made of the same materials as riot shields are all real-world additions that make the Force Guardian a fantastic choice for duelling. As a cosplay item, you'll also benefit from easy colour-changes in the blade thanks to our premium electronics which allow for colour-changing at the touch of a button. Join the dark side with a red blade or the light with blue or green - the choice is all yours.
Swift Power Swift Power
Swift Power from €367,95
The Swift Power saber puts speed first - designed for duellists who favour a faster attack. The hilt is sleek and slimline, with a balanced pommel and an open crown style emitter that helps enhance the colour of the blade. Remember: all Saberzone sabers do not 'lock' you into a blade colour choice - you can change at the click of a button. Wield the Swift Power saber today and blitz your way to your own duelling destiny.
Beacon Beacon
Beacon from €357,95
Become a beacon of hope in your galaxy when you wield this saber. The beacon features a classic hilt style with sections of black encircling the steel finish. The blade's colour can be freely switched between - though whether you choose red, green or blue might depend entirely on what your saber colour says about you...
Master Samurai Master Samurai
Master Samurai from €377,95
Ever hoped that our favourite movie franchise had borrowed a bit more from the Samurai inspiration? You're in luck with the Master Samurai saber. Roam the plains as a loan Samurai in this exclusive Saberzone design. Matching all LudoSport regulations, this is the perfect choice for those who love Bushido spirit and want to emulate Sci-Fi samurai style.  The Master Samurai can be bought as a pair and coupled via the pommel with no tools or technical knowledge required so you can master two different samurai sabers at once as a double-bladed beast of a duelling saber. Fully built and operational on delivery - with a robust polycarbonate blade that can withstand all the hardship of duelling. 
Twilight Crystal Twilight Crystal
Twilight Crystal from €512,95
Within the dark core of this saber sits its power source: the crystal. The Twilight Crystal offers a deep black metal hilt for ultra-sleek visual impact, with the open section displaying the glowing crystal that powers all sabers. The bright light of the blade and crystal shine out beautifully from the dark hilt - creating a striking visual aesthetic that will please both dark and light-side duellists.
Kyberlight Kyberlight
Kyberlight from €546,95
The search for what powers the core of your saber is a journey for all young duellists. The Kyberlight puts it on display - showcasing the crystal that fuels the soul of every saber prominently in its hilt design. The dark colour of the emitter and grip contrast well against the crystal compartment and the blade itself - with a choice of colours available at the click of a button. We don't force you to buy another blade colour when you want one - just flick the switch and cycle between them.

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